What We Do


The Question:


Should we call it "A beautiful story" , "a flawless statement" or " a
colorful expression"?
Nothing seems commensurable to define the beauty of her's. But there is one thing for certain and that depicts the excellence in her selection of attire


The Answer:


Akalors, a celebration of colors with the essence of womanhood. The timeless symbol of a Muse. The one who introduces colors to woman for her timeless beauty and grace. The one who brings out new definitions of dressing. The intricate craftsmanship and the finest looms in India come under one roof.

Akalors with its unique collection of Plus Size Indian Clothing hand embroidered sarees and salwar kameez aims at providing a style statement that comprehends the true reflection of her personality



Who We Are



The Birth:

It is the union of 30 years of expertise in core business with 10 years of technical expertise in different solutions across the IT industry. Our story of stepping up to integrate is the result of a two year journey wherein we have learnt, tried, failed and tried again to achieve what we have built now


The Purpose:


We come together to serve the purpose of not just selling exclusive collection of sarees and suits but to awe our customers with a complete new experience of buying online. With base facility in Bangalore we are gelling together to create a uniform platform for customers from all over